Another Great Photoshoot With Robert Hare Photography

That Old Hollywood vibe. Photography: Robert Hare Photography
Makeup: Allison Barbera
Hair: Stamatia Athanasiou
Model: Allie Downing

Every once in a while, you find another professional who you love to work with. They have their vision but are open to your ideas, they produce fantastic work, and their personality makes them a pleasure to collaborate with.

I’ve worked with photographer Rob Hare several times and we just click (pun intended). Whenever Rob calls me to do a photoshoot, my answer is yes. We worked together last week for a few separate shoots.

The first shoot was a boudoir shoot for a client. She was a beautiful girl with blonde hair and blue-gray eyes. I think she looks similar to Kristen Bell. I did a brown smokey eye, bronzed skin and a nude-pink lip. And of course, lots of lashes.

After that shoot, three models came in. Allie was the ideal Old Hollywood model. On her, I did matte skin, shimmery white eyeshadow, full, arched brows, red lips and of course, the Marilyn mole. Allie was made for that look. You could have pulled the girl right out of the 1950s!

Sara, a model with amazing cheekbones, had more of a high fashion look. I contoured her face to bring out her bone structure even more, then did a soft pink eye and shimmery pink lips. For one of her outfit changes, I made her eyeshadow a little orange and changed her lip color to a matte light caramel. Sara is extremely versatile–I can’t think of a look that wouldn’t work on her.

Rob wanted a really colorful, dramatic look for Ashley and she was perfect for it. On her eyes, I used a black gel liner with purple shadow on the lids, slightly blended into the crease. On her cheekbones and up into her temples, I applied an orange blush. Rob wanted a colorful, high gloss lip color, and suggested green. So I mixed a green eyeshadow with some clear gloss and Ashley rocked it.

Stamatia Athanasiou did the hair and she did an amazing job. We’ve worked together before, and I was psyched that she was available for this shoot.

I’ll post the model pictures on my website, and on my Allison Barbera Beauty Facebook page when they are ready.

If you need a photographer for a shoot, event, wedding, or anything else, contact Rob Hare via his website. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Have a beautiful day 🙂

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