If Extra Bucks Were Real Dollars, I’d Be Rich

I go to my local CVS so much that one of the cashiers knows my name, and he gives me Hershey’s Kisses and extra coupons when I come in. Last week, I made four trips there in 24 hours. I recently wore out my CVS card and they had to give me a new one. I think I spend more time there than I do in my own house.

Besides birthday cards, contact solution and toothpaste, I buy a lot of my pro makeup my kit essentials there. Here are my top CVS items:

1) Wet Ones Wipes. I use these to remove fake blood from skin, and sometimes to clean my brushes in between clients. These wipes kill 99.99% of germs, so my brushes get properly sanitized, and they dry quickly. They’re also gentle enough to remove makeup from my human palettes (my hands and arms) without drying out my skin.

2) Essence of Beauty Makeup Brushes. Essence of Beauty is CVS’s cosmetic line. I adore their eye makeup brushes, especially the small pencil brushes. They’re great for placing shadow in the inner corner of the eye, and smudging liner at the lashline. The larger pencil brush is great for creasework.

3) Cotton Balls. If you remove your eye makeup–and if you wear it, you should be removing it at night–you need these.

4) L’Oreal Eye Makeup Remover. Every makeup artist has their favorite eye makeup remover, and this is mine. My eyes have been burned, stung, clouded up and otherwise assaulted by other eye makeup removers. But this blue, white-capped bottle has treated me kindly, and is able to remove even the most stubborn eye makeup. I use the original formula.

5) Ardell DuraLash Flares. I use these all the time. 95% of my brides wear them, so I buy a lot. Flare lashes are more subtle than strip lashes, and they allow you to build the level of drama you want. (Update: I now buy these in bulk from a beauty supply site but for non-makeup artists, CVS is the place to go for these).

6) Neutrogena Oil Free Moisture for Sensitive Skin. I find that undereye concealers work best when the area is prepped with a little bit of lotion first. So I use this non-irritating moisturizer on everyone. Also, it comes without SPF, which I prefer for weddings and photoshoots (SPF products can cause a white cast in pictures).

7) Hand Sanitzer. My job requires that I touch people’s faces, and it’s just not right to do that without sanitizing first. It’s one of those cheap but essential items every makeup artist absolutely needs. And of course, these aren’t for makeup artists only. Everyone needs a little sani in their purse, car, or desk drawer.

8) Petroleum Jelly. I’ve used this for chapped lips, to make eyeshadow glossy and to add a sheen to the skin. My cousin uses it on her lashes at night and swears it makes them softer. I haven’t tried that yet because if I add any more products to my nightly beauty routine, I’m going to have to start at 7:00pm.

CVS is quick, cheap, and (at least for me) convenient. What’s your favorite CVS product?

Have a beautiful day 🙂

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