The Pixiwoos

As a makeup artist, I’m always learning. Some things I learn through trial and error and some through reading beauty publications, but my favorite way to learn is to watch other makeup artists work. I don’t get to do that often in person, because if I’m in the same room as another makeup artist, chances are we’re both working on clients or models. What I can do though is watch makeup tutorials online.

My absolute favorite tutorials are those done by Sam and Nic, two makeup artist sisters who live in England. They are insanely talented and their tutorials are clear and easy to follow. I have watched every tutorial on their site and I’ve learned so much from them. They have covered every look you can think of, from Sophia Loren to Beyonce to Helena Bonham Carter.

Even if you’re not a makeup artist, I think you’ll find these tutorials very helpful. (You may also find them addictive, so fair warning.) If you have some free time and are sick of the shit on TV, try checking out the Pixiwoos channel on YouTube. 

Have a beautiful day 🙂

4 thoughts on “The Pixiwoos

  1. Thanks for your pointing out pixiwoo and there talents. I totally agree. I have heard of the Chapman sisters, but I am unable to get to this website. I wonder if it is to do with being in the USA vs. England. Do you know?

  2. I absolutely love you guys! I was just curious I tell people all the time to check out your page doe make up tips and tricks but for some reason I can find it anymore. So please if I’m getting the web site wrong or maybe you don’t have it anymore could you let me know where I could reffure them that would be much appreciated thank you. ❤ Jenn

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