I See Why Snooki Likes It

Due to my gluten allergy, I can’t eat bread and pasta like a good Italian girl should.  I recently decided I had to do something to fit in with the rest of my family, to match them in some way. So I got spray tanned.

No, that’s not the real reason I did it. I did it because like many people, I love the look of a tan.  But after I had some moles removed and my dermatologist used the term “pre-cancerous,” I figured it would be best to avoid the sun.  I love lying out at the beach, but between the cancer connection, wrinkles, and fact that I work seven days a week and don’t have time to go to the beach, a natural tan isn’t an option for me.

Never one to jump into anything, I started talking to my esthetician about spray tans last year.  I had her walk me through the spray tan prep, process and maintenance about a dozen times before I finally booked my appointment.

Before my evening appointment, I had done (almost) everything that my esthetician, Bethany, had told me to do.  I exfoliated the night before and didn’t put on any lotions or perfumes that day. I removed my makeup right before the appointment and used a baby wipe to take my deodorant off (you’re not supposed to have any on because it can make the spray tan apply weirdly, but I couldn’t go without all day).

I changed into an old bikini once I got into the room and stepped into the spray tan tent. Bethany took out her airbrush machine and warned me that the spray would feel a little cold. It did, but it wasn’t unbearable. The whole process took around 15 minutes. I then changed into my loose, dark colored clothing and went home.

Afterwards I was pretty dark, but not orange or streaky. There was a slight fake tan smell, but nothing overpowering.  I couldn’t shower, wash my hands, sweat, or basically go near water for the rest of the night, but Bethany had told me what to expect so I knew not to work out or make any plans.

The next morning, I showered and rinsed off until the water went clear. And my tan looked AWESOME.  It made my skin look so good that I willingly went to a makeup job with no face makeup on. And oh, the makeup options tanned skin brings!  The gold eyeshadow that usually does nothing for me looked gorgeous and red lips on a tanned face are a totally different experience.

The spray tan only lasted about five days, but I also went with the lightest shade (I’ll go darker next time). I absolutely loved it and wish Bethany could spray tan me every couple of days.

Some things I’ll do differently next time:

  • I’ll exfoliate my feet better. Every time I use any type of tanner, it gets all patchy on my feet.  Drives me nuts.
  • I’ll make sure to wear looser, dark clothing after the application. I had a loose t-shirt on, but my black yoga pants were a little too fitted to wear right after the appointment, so they made faint lines where the seams are.
  • I’ll be better about moisturizing after each shower. Bethany really stressed this rule, which I followed for the first few days. Then I got lazy.  My tan probably would have faded more uniformly had I heeded her advice.

I’ll definitely, definitely do it again.  I can see myself getting addicted to spray tans and am thinking I might make another appointment right now…

Have a beautiful day 🙂

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