Totally Tubular: Blinc Mascara Review

Blinc mascara
Your lashes might like this.

A few years ago, beauty tube mascara was popular.  For those of you not familiar with “beauty tube technology,” basically these tubes are mascara fibers that encase the eyelashes, as opposed to regular mascara, which more or less paints them.  Because of this, makers of the beauty tube mascaras say the product is water-resistant. Beauty tube mascara was created by a company called Blinc (formerly called Kiss Me), but L’Oreal had a popular one and I believe a few other drugstore brands did too.

I tried the L’Oreal one back in the day and I wasn’t impressed. But I recently decided give beauty tube technology another try, mainly because I do a lot of weddings and waterproof or water-resistant mascara is a must. I bought a tube from Blinc and eagerly tried it out. Because I strive to be a positive person, I will talk first about the good aspects of this mascara.

It does not budge. I didn’t cry while I was wearing it, but I feel confident that you will not see a smudge or flake when wearing this mascara.  That is definitely an important part of a solid mascara, so props on that, Blinc.

The Blinc mascara does add length to your lashes. So if you’ve got thick lashes that you only want to lengthen and you are an overly emotional person who struggles with smudged mascara, you can stop reading right now and go get yourself a tube.

But if you need volume in your life, pass on this one. I’ve found that most people, myself included, need the volume and length combo. I like big hair, big handbags and big lashes, and I’m not ashamed.

If you do decide to try a beauty tube mascara, I need to prep you about the removal process. You do not need eye makeup remover to get this mascara off, so I guess that’s a plus. After you wash your face, put some extra warm water on your lashes.  This will help loosen up the beauty tubes. Then gently pinch your lashes and pull the mascara off, tube by tube. All the little black pieces that look suspiciously like eyelashes that are decorating your sink basin? Breathe, homegirl, they are just beauty tube corpses.

The Blinc mascara is $25, and the L’Oreal version (which is a double sided tube with a primer type product and the mascara) retails between  $8.99-$11.99.

So for now, I’m sticking with my DiorShow and MUFE Smoky Lash mascaras.  They may be tube-less, but I’m okay with that.

Have a beautiful day 🙂

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