In a SoFlo Mood

Two lifetimes ago, or so it seems, I lived in south Florida (aka SoFlo). I moved there after graduating from college, because having spent the first 22 years of my life in New England, I really needed to thaw out.

As you can imagine, I spent many hours at the beach and by the pool in my sometimes gated (the gates kept get destroyed after each hurricane we had) community.  At one point, I was laid off and jobless for three months, so I became self employed as a professional sunbather.  I was broke but damn, was I tan.

When I moved back “up North” I was darker than my Sicilian father (which I was very proud of at the time).  The following year, I began to notice faint lines on chest and new freckles on my hands and stomach. Soon after, I went to Esthetics school and learned exactly how damaging the sun can be to the skin. Last year, I had some pre-cancerous moles removed. Consequently, I’ve given up sunbathing. It’s the smart choice.

I still love how I look with a tan, but I now have to resort to other methods to get that glow that I find almost addictive. I had a spray tan that I loved last summer, but my esthetician left that salon and the new place she’s at doesn’t offer that service.  (Hopefully that will change soon!)

I’m not going to complain about the New England winters, because I choose to live here, but I’ll admit that I don’t care for the season. So I like to do summer makeup looks in the dead of winter, just to “warm things up.”  Last week I went for a safe tan with the Xen-Tan tanning lotion (review to follow) and MAC’s lipstick in Vegas Volt (pure coral).  It’s amazing what that can do for your mood!  I know it’s February and some self tanner and coral lipstick won’t change that cruel fact, but my summer makeup look definitely brightened my day.

If you like playing around with makeup, give it a try and let me know what you come up with.  January is over, and we’re closer to summer each day.  That’s my mantra.

Have a beautiful day 🙂

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