The Waterline Liner Quest: Avon Super Shock Gel Liner

I am ashamed. It has been a ridiculously long time since I last blogged, and I apologize. The only thing I can say is that I’ve been so busy that I thought my head was actually going to spin off. Then I’d be the first person to stay alive without a head, solely because I didn’t put “die a strange death” on my To Do list.

A mountain of products have piled up on my desk over the past couple of months, waiting to be reviewed. Because I got a request for this one, we’ll start with the Avon Super Shock Gel Liner in black. I bought this eyeliner because I have an Indian bride who needs a waterline liner that will stay put during a part of the ceremony where everyone cries. I trust MAC Fluidline (a gel liner in a pot) to stay put on the lashline, but I tried putting it on my waterline once and it didn’t work out. (Or maybe I just don’t like the look of the whites of my eyeballs being flecked with black streaks.) I use MAC Kohl liners for the waterline, but wasn’t confident that that liner would stay on as well as I wanted for a crying session.

I am obsessed with the Pixiwoo tutorials on YouTube and since sisters Sam and Nic always use the Super Shock and say that it’s the best waterline liner, I had to get it. They said it was only available in the U.K., but I thought That’s only for people who don’t know how to shop for makeup. Apparently I’m one of those people because I couldn’t find it anywhere–small stores, Ebay, Amazon, obscure beauty websites. So I ordered it from England and watched my money change from dollars to pounds.

I tried the liner about 30 seconds after I received the package. It went on smoothly (although not as smoothly as a MAC Kohl) and was very black, which I love. It lasted…in spots. After a full day, sections of it were still holding on strong, but it the overall look had faded. Faded into where, though? Not under my eyes or into my tear ducts. So good, no smudging. And it didn’t flake into my eyes like other liners have (ahem, Arbonne).

In one of my crazy lady frenzies, I left the cap off and went to use it a week later. The tip of the pencil (it is a pencil gel liner) had shrunk so I sharpened it. Nothing came out. So I sharpened again…and again, then drew it on my hand until I had revived the pigment. It has never returned to its original blackest black shade–which is my own dumbass fault–but it’s close.

This liner didn’t quite meet my expectations, but I think its staying power is good and it must just evaporate, because it doesn’t smudge or run. I’m going to try layering it with a MAC Kohl to see if that’s the magic combination.

Will try to blog again soon!

Have a beautiful day 🙂