Face & Body Foundations: MAC and MUFE F&B Reviews

As much as I love makeup, there are some (okay, many) days when I don’t have the time to do a “full” look. But I also want my skin to have a little bit of coverage, so I reach for either a tinted moisturizer, or one of my Face & Body foundations.

Face & Body foundations can be used on the face and on the body (duh), and they are sheer and buildable. Since they are made for the body, they usually don’t transfer onto clothing. They are water based, and therefore very liquid-y (much different consistency than most regular face foundations).

The two Face & Body foundations I have are MAC Face & Body and Make Up For Ever Face & Body. Just like we all learned in elementary school, let’s compare and contrast.


1) With one layer, both are very sheer. If you don’t need much coverage, but like something that evens out the skin tone a little, these are great. I think the MUFE F&B is slightly more sheer.
2) They feel very lightweight. You truly can not feel these on the skin once they absorb.
3) Neither have SPF. This is good for photography, not so good for everyday wear (but you can always apply an SPF underneath).
4) They both give a dewy finish. If you have dry skin, you’ll love the feel and finish of these foundations. They don’t cake up or catch on dry spots. I would say the MAC F&B gives a dewier finish though.
5) They need a good shake before applying. The formulas do sometimes separate and can be a bit clumpy if you don’t shake the bottle first, so just make sure to do that before application.
6) Both are buildable, but they don’t look visibly thicker as you build.


1) The packaging–MAC F&B comes in a plastic bottle, MUFE F&B comes in a glass bottle.
2) The color range–MAC F&B foundations are categorized by Cool (C) or Neutral (N) shades, MUFE shades are categorized by undertones in the skin (Pink, Yellow, Beige, and Olive).
3) The size–MAC F&B is 4 oz, MUFE F&B is 1.69 oz.
4) The price–MAC F&B is $33, MUFE F&B is $38.
5) The way that you build coverage is different. With the MUFE F&B, you apply a layer, let it dry, then apply another layer to get more coverage. With the MAC F&B, you apply one layer and the more you work it into your skin, the more coverage it gives. It’s really quite unique for a foundation to do this.

They are overall both great products. I think the MUFE F&B may be more suitable for someone with combination skin, as the finish of the product isn’t overly dewy. On a combo or oily skin, the MAC F&B can be quite shiny if not set with powder. Once it’s set though, it is fine, and I’ve used it without a problem in both film and photography.

I think the best part about the MAC F&B is that you pretty much get two foundations in one (generously sized) bottle. To get a sheer application, apply with a brush or lightly with fingers, and blend lightly with a brush or sponge. To get a heavier coverage, apply with fingers and rub into the skin (or buff in with a brush). If you use your fingers, you’ll actually feel the foundation getting thicker as you work it into the skin.

I like both of these products and will continue to use and recommend them. I think Face & Body foundations are great if you don’t want to wear a traditional foundation, but want something with a little bit of coverage. They are even more sheer than some tinted moisturizers on the market, so I think they are the perfect choice for foundation-phobes. I hope I’ve helped you get a general idea of what these products are like.

Have a beautiful day πŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “Face & Body Foundations: MAC and MUFE F&B Reviews

  1. Love this description so much! Now i know what foundation to choose πŸ˜‰ But color range can you explain about C1 or N1? Since i have a yellow toned face but i want a slight pink toned foundation to get a bright result? Thanks!

    • Glad to hear that! I also have yellow undertones, and I found that the “C” Face & Body foundations look much more natural on me and any of my clients who have yellow undertones.

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