Let’s Be Real

I’m not posting these celebrities-without-makeup photos in a mean way, or even to say “Look what makeup can do for you! Call Allison Barbera Beauty today!” I’m posting these pictures because I want girls and women to know that the celebrity images we see are unattainable. The print ads and editorial spreads are re-touched like crazy, and that’s after a professional makeup artist has worked their magic on the subject. Actresses  have the advantage of being filmed in flattering light, using specific camera angles, with a makeup artist on standby to touchup frequently. And before they even get that far, they’ve spent sometimes several hours in a makeup chair. Celebrities often have access to high end products and skin treatments that are not affordable for the average women, and let’s be honest, cosmetic surgery is pretty common in the entertainment industry.

I have a big issue with print ads and editorial, as the women in them are airbrushed beyond belief. Everything from undereye darkness to facial symmetry to teeth whiteness is changed to look “perfect.” There have been uproars about this in the past from celebrities themselves, saying “That is not what I look like.” But many of us females compare ourselves to the images we see, and come up short. Of course we do! Like I say, Eva Longoria (or any other female celebrity) doesn’t even look like Eva Longoria.

Makeup is a great tool because it’s a way to express ourselves. Yes, it can be used to cover minor flaws, but I don’t consider that the main focus of makeup. I see it as something that shows our inner beauty and gives people more confidence. Makeup can be something that helps us feel good, and I see nothing wrong with that. But retouched celebrity pictures do not make us feel good, they make us feel inadequate. (At least some of us!)

So next time you flip through a magazine or watch a television show, know that the model or celebrity doesn’t really look like that. Not to say that she isn’t beautiful, but she very possibly has the same dark circles, fine lines, or blemishes that you pick apart on your own face. And then go focus on something else, because looks aren’t everything! Yes, I’m a makeup artist, and I’m saying that.

Because most of us have no control over what images are put out there, and how much they are retouched, the best thing we can do is be aware that what we are looking at in most celebrity pictures is not real. If you feel the need to compare yourself to a celebrity, look at the no makeup pictures of celebrities, and compare away…

Have a beautiful day 🙂

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