Eyeshadow Love

People love eyeliner and mascara, but I feel like eyeshadow gets no love. I suspect some people may find all of the color and texture choices, ways to apply and/or which brushes to use intimidating. Don’t be skirred! There are some simple eyeshadow techniques I do for almost every look and all they require is an angled brush.

I use eyeshadow as a soft focus eyeliner, as a way to map out where a defined gel liner will go, as a guard to keep pencil liner from smudging and as a way to smoke out or intensify an eyeliner. Let me break it down for you.

1) Eyeshadow as Eyeliner. A defined eyeliner look can be great, but it can also appear dated or harsh if done incorrectly (especially if you use black). Using an eyeshadow to line the top and bottom (or just top) lashline gives a more soft focus, modern effect. It’s easier than doing a defined line using a gel or liquid liner and it’s more forgiving of mistakes. It’s simple to build up shadow intensity–just go over the area with more shadow. Using just a shadow as a liner will define your eyes, but in a natural-looking way.

2) Mapping Out a Defined Line. Remember how in kindergarten, your teacher would have you draw a line with a pencil before tracing over it with a crayon or marker? Same deal with the liner mapping. When I have a defined line to draw, I often use a shadow in the same color as the liner to draw the liner shape first. Then I go over it with a liner (usually a gel liner). Mapping it out allows me to more easily correct the shape if I slip up, and since the gel liner goes over it, no one will ever know.

3) Eyeshadow as a Liner Guard. When I use a pencil or gel eyeliner, I typically trace over it with an eyeshadow in the same color. This locks the liner in place, keeping it from transferring to the lid or crease. The powder quality of an eyeshadow acts as a barrier against oils from the skin, which can interact with eyeliner ingredients, causing unwanted smudging and transfer.

4) Smudging Out/Intensifying an Eyeliner. I use this eyeshadow technique a lot to give dimension and texture to the eyeliner. Especially when I use a pencil liner, I like to trace over and slightly above the line with an eyeshadow. To intensify it, I use a shadow in the same color. To smoke it out, I use a slightly lighter eyeshadow, which gives the illusion of a shadow under (at the lower lashline) or above (at the upper lashline) the pencil eyeliner. I very rarely use a pencil eyeliner without doing this, because I think the eyeliner looks so much more modern with the shadow counterpart.

All that is required to do any of these looks is an angled eyeliner brush and some eyeshadow. I most often use browns, blacks and grays to do these techniques, but a brightly colored shadow at the lower lashline can be pretty awesome too.

Give it a try. Your eyeshadows deserve to be appreciated!

Have a beautiful day 🙂

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