The Best of Our 2014 Wedding Season

A big part of my business, Allison Barbera Beauty, is wedding hair and makeup. My crazy talented team of artists and stylists and I did 60+ weddings this year, as well as many engagement shoots and rehearsal day hair and makeup services. We love love love doing weddings and are thrilled that 2015 is booking up so quickly.

2014 was a busy year for us. We did our first wedding of the year in February and our last one in late November. Lindsay, Olivia and Kerri joined the team as hair stylists and Shaley joined as makeup artist. As a company, we did around 500 hair and makeup services. We got to go to tons of beautiful homes, hotels and venues, we worked with several talented photographers and most importantly, we met so many fun and interesting people. As stylists/artists, we get to spend 30-60 minutes (more with our brides) having one-on-one conversations with each client . There are not many jobs that I can think of that allow you to meet so many people and get to talk to them for more than five minutes. We get to interact with new people while doing what we love. That’s a win-win.

Here are a few highlights of our 2014 season:

1) The Gorgeous Venues. OceanCliff. Castle Hill Inn. The Ocean House. Bristol Harbor Inn. The Chanler at Cliffwalk. 41 North. The Island House at Belle Mer. Hotel Viking. Glen Manor. Mount Hope Farm. The Attwater. Tower House B&B. Several beach homes and private mansions. Whether the bride was getting married there or just getting ready there, we got to set up shop in so many beautiful places. As a former real estate agent who chose that profession mainly to see inside different homes (admittedly not the best reason), I love this perk of my job as a freelance makeup artist.

2) The Stunning Wedding Gowns. From bombshell mermaid cuts to cap-sleeved vintage perfection to classic, romantic princess styles, we saw some absolutely breathtaking gowns this year. One bride had a Vera Wang gown with a Grace Kelly feel and another wore a blush gown while her bridesmaids wore ivory (love that idea!). Sometimes hair and makeup is done in one location and the bride changes into her dress at another, so I’m always psyched when I get to see the photos after, with the bride in her dress. Check out some of our glowing brides here:

3) The Beautiful Bridesmaids Dresses. Navy and blush were the most popular colors that we saw, and for good reason–they were flattering on everyone! Some bridal parties all had the same dress, while others wore the same color in different styles. A few bridal parties wore different shades and styles from the same color palette, which stands out beautifully in photos. And oh, the Indian weddings! They make me want to wear a sari every day. We also saw a ton of cute getting-ready robes–a trend that I think is here to stay. Take a look at some of these beauties here:

4) The Hugs. I’m pretty sure my whole team is with me on this one–there is nothing better than getting a hug from a client because she loves her hair or makeup so much. These hugs are often followed by “My hair/makeup has never looked this good!,” “Can you come to my house and do this every day?” or “I can’t stop checking myself out!” Knowing that we have made people that much happier and more confident on such an important day really means a lot.

5) The Amazing Reviews, Thank You Cards and Emails. I’ll admit it–kind words from a happy client make me tear up. Even after six plus years of doing this, it never gets old. We work so hard to make our brides and their parties happy, so when they take the time to tell us that we did, it really makes my day. If you are interested in our reviews, click here:

6) The Bright Lip Trend. Alexis, Jennifer, Shaley and I loved how so many brides, bridesmaids and mothers requested bright or intense lipcolors this year. When done right–the only way we do things!–a lipcolor that pops really makes the whole look. We are hoping this trend continues in 2015!

7) The Crazy Amount of Referrals. Past brides, bridesmaids and just people who know me sent us a ton of work in 2014. We have an Allison Barbera Beauty Referral Rewards Program where I send people a $25 Sephora giftcard (or somewhere else, if they prefer) for referring any bride who books, and I sent out more this year than I ever have. So thank you, referrers!

8) The Optimistic Rainy Day Brides. Mother Nature does whatever the hell she wants and sometimes that means a couple gets a rainy wedding day. I understand how this could upset a bride, but all of our 2014 rainy day brides were troopers. Even if they were a little bummed out, they didn’t cry or scream or take it out on anyone. In fact, they all said a variation of the same thing: “I’m just happy to be getting married to ___.” Really sweet and, I think, very admirable.

9) The Family and Friend Weddings. I got to do several weddings for family and friends (or friends/family of close friends) this year, which I loved. It’s so nice to be there with them as they get ready for their wedding, and I am always honored when they ask me to do their makeup. I have a few already lined up for 2015, and I hope that list continues to grow.

10) The Conversations. As I mentioned, I love meeting and talking to new people. I don’t want to get too preachy here, but I believe that human interactions are kind of the point of life. I’m so interested in what other people do, where they are from and what their lives are like. I feel like I made a great connection with dozens of people this wedding season, and that is something I’m really grateful for.

Thank you again to all of our brides, the people who referred us and of course, my rockstar team. I appreciate the business, the conversations and the mimosa offers (which we sadly can’t accept because, you know, professionalism!) The 2014 wedding season was absolutely wonderful and I am full of gratitude for that.

Have a beautiful day 🙂

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