Look Breakdown

Alexa Chung, Longchamp, natural makeup
Alexa Chung for Longchamp

It’s been a minute, but I’m back with a Look Breakdown. Here’s what I think she is wearing for makeup.

Foundation: Medium coverage. Concealer under eyes and where needed.
Powder: Matte powder minimally where needed.
Highlighter: No.
Contour/Bronzer: Light contour under cheekbones.
Cheek Color: Tiniest amount of light pink powder blush, in a shade similar to Dandelion from Benefit. It’s not apparent in this image but can be seen in the print ad.
Eyebrows: Very small amount of brow powder filling in sparseness. This follows the natural shape of the brow–nothing overly drawn in here.
Eye Makeup: Light matte brown shadow (like MAC Wedge) on lids, blended into crease. Dark brown eyeshadow (like MAC Brun) at upper lashline, winged out and softened. Chocolate brown pencil liner smoked out at top lashline, following shadow shape. Slightly lighter brown eyeshadow (like MAC Espresso) applied thinly at bottom lashes. Pencil liner dotted at lash roots and blended. This may have been a retouching effect in the ad, but her waterline looks white. You can get the same effect using and off white pencil liner, like MAC Chromographic pencil in NC 15/NW20 on the waterline.
Mascara: Yes, top and bottom. Not heavily applied.
False Lashes: No.
Lipliner: Most likely, same color as the lipstick. It is softened around the edges.
Lipcolor: A light pink with some small shimmer particles. It looks different in this image–it’s definitely more pink in the print ad. MAC Sandy B would have been a good match but it’s sadly been discontinued.

This look would work on a lot of people. The brown eye makeup works especially well with blue eyes. You can get the same natural effect if you have darker skin than Alexa by choosing an eyeshadow that is a few shades lighter than your skin. MAC Era is good option. It has a little shimmer but not an obvious amount. Also, if you have medium or dark skin, you’ll want to go a little deeper with the pink lipstick. Light lipsticks can be too much of a contrast on darker skin. The shape of this eye makeup works well on those with hooded lids. If you have almond shaped eyes that you don’t want to visually extend the length of, you can eliminate the winged part of this eye makeup.


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