Look Breakdown

Mindy is killin’ it in life and with this look. Makeup done by Janice Kinjo.

Mindy Kaling is having a YEAR. I love her and think she looks fantastic, so I’m going to breakdown one of her recent gorgeous makeup looks. This one is from the Ocean’s 8 world premiere.

Foundation: Medium coverage foundation with a glow. Armani Luminous Silk Foundation would work. I know from reading interviews with Mindy that she has oily skin, so if you’re also a shining star, start by priming your skin with MAC Oil Control Lotion.

Concealer: As needed on the face and under eyes. It’s hard to tell where concealer went without seeing what someone looked like pre-makeup, because a good concealer should cover circles and blemishes and blend into the skin. I know that Mindy has some darkness under the eyes, so if you have that too, a peach (for light to medium skin) or orange (for deeper skin) color corrector can be used before undereye concealer. I’m partial to the MAC Studio Finish Skin Corrector in Pure Orange for deep skintones, and Algenist REVEAL Concentrated Color Correcting Drops in Apricot for light to medium skintones. For very fair skin, I go with Bobbi Brown Under Eye Corrector in Light Peach.

Powder: Powder all over to set. MAC Mineralize SkinFinish Natural Powder would do the job. For this look, I would apply it with a brush, pressing it onto the skin.

Highlighter & Contour: I see a matte highlight on the center of Mindy’s face, particularly down the bridge of the nose. I don’t detect much else as far as highlighting and contouring, but it doesn’t mean it’s not there! Good face sculpting makeup blends seamlessly into the skin.

Cheek Color: Super faint peach terracota color. MAC Blush in Gingerly would be a good choice.

Eyebrows: Brow powder to fill in sparseness/add shape where needed. I can see that the top of the brow was filled in to help with the shape and arch. Go with whatever color matches your brows for this, but don’t load it on. This look is not about the brows, but they should be defined to work with the look.

Eye Makeup: I spy a light silver eyeshadow on the lids and inner corners of Mindy’s eyes. MAC discontinued the one I would use for this (it’s Silver Ring, if you have it!), but I have faith that you could find one that works. It’s tough to see if there is anything in the crease, but I’m going to assume there is a matte brown shade to warm things up. I’ve used MAC Eyeshadow in Charcoal Brown for creasework on clients with Mindy’s skintone. There is some black gel liner like Clinique Brush On Cream Liner in True Black in a medium thick line at the top lashline, traced over with a black eyeshadow like MAC Eyeshadow in Carbon to keep it soft. The shadow is slightly winged out and blended well to make it a little smokey. (It’s possible that a gray shadow, like Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow in Slate, was added to the outer corners and blended into the wing.) There is some of that silver eyeshadow at the bottom inner corners, blended out to about halfway to the bottom lashline. The black eyeshadow was used again on the outer 2/3 of the bottom lashline. A black pencil, like MAC Eye Kohl in Smolder was used in the bottom waterline, to tightline (the top waterline), and right into the inner corners. See how there is a thin dark line around her tearduct on each eye? That’s black liner. It looks like that was extended slightly into a point.

Mascara: Yes, top and bottom lashes. My go to is still Dior Diorshow Mascara.

False Lashes: I would guess strip lashes that are fuller at the outer corners. When you are wearing a medium to thick black liner or shadow at the upper lashline, your lashes need to be dark and thick to stand out against the liner, and sometimes falsies are the only way.

Lipliner: Yes, same color as the lipstick. MAC Lip Pencil in Brick would do it to it.

Lipcolor: A brick red with shimmer, MAC Fresh Moroccan, seems to be what Mindy had on. It may have been topped with some clear gloss too.

This look is best suited for medium to medium dark skintones. Silver eyeshadow paired with brick red lips can be tough to pull off on those with fair or light skin, although it could look beautiful on a redhead with fair skin.

Now go watch everything Mindy has been a part of, because she is amazing.

Have a beautiful day 🙂

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