Makeup Tutorials I Love

Pixiwoos and Charlotte Tilbury
Three out of four of my favorites in one photo! That’s Nic on the far left, Sam in the middle and Charlotte on the far right.

I have a soft spot for tutorials from real makeup artists. The Pixiwoos, Lisa Eldridge and Charlotte Tilbury gave me as much beauty education as Esthetics school did. In honor of them, allow me to present some of my favorite makeup tutorials.

The Pixiwoos

I’ve shared this one before. Pixiwoo sister, Sam, and I have the same take on Instagram makeup.

Sam referred to these three looks as “makeup to live your life in, rather than makeup to be photographed in.” Love that!

Pixiwoo sister Nic’s take on Rita Hayworth’s makeup.

A great party look from Nic.

Lisa Eldridge

Lisa killed it with this Elizabeth Taylor look.

I watch and recommend this acne coverage tutorial a lot.

So many great tips on how to create a believable sunkissed look.

Of course I have to choose a wedding makeup look! This one is great for mothers of the bride or groom.

Charlotte Tilbury

Because dudes can wear makeup too!

Charlotte showing us how to do a sick cat eye. I’ve found that a lot of people don’t know what a true cat eye is, so this is a must-watch.

A wearable vampy look.

You don’t need to have a winter wedding to wear this look. I just think it’s gorgeous, especially on green eyes.

A lot of the techniques and products I use are because of these four legends. I am so grateful for everything they’ve taught me. There are a lot of bad makeup artists (or people who aren’t even makeup artists) on YouTube, but if you stick with Sam, Nic, Lisa and Charlotte, your face will be a better person for it.

Have a beautiful day 🙂



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