April Showers Were The Least of Our Worries: Last Month’s Recap

Anytime I left the house in April.

By late March, I was dreading April. I knew we were looking at a full month of quarantine, and my close-contact business was not allowed to operate (in terms of in-person appointments, anyway). The first half of April went by painfully slow for me. I was having a hard time dealing with being alone 24/7 while also trying to keep my business afloat as more and more summer weddings rescheduled.

On April 17, I created The Rhode Island Coalition of Wedding Vendors Facebook group, and everything changed. I now have a purpose–helping my fellow vendors as we work through issues related to losing (currently) a minimum of four and half months of income due to rescheduled weddings.

Other than that, I’ve been crazy busy with said wedding reschedules, applying for unemployment (success!), applying for loans (more success!) and talking to my attorney, accountant and others who I’ve consulted with about my business. I have had no real in person socialization for 6.5 weeks, which is hard for my Gemini side (the Taurus in me is fine just touching soft things, and you’ll get that joke if you’re into astrology).

By the end of March, I knew April was going to be tough, but I didn’t know I would be interviewed by local news channels four times. I didn’t expect that weddings as far out as August would reschedule. And I had no idea I would be as busy I normally am this time of year, but that my job would not be what it normally is.

I’m so glad April is behind us. I know I’m biased because my birthday is in May, but I’ve always found May to be a great month. It’s probably because where I live this time of year, the weather starts to get warmer and town starts to get busy as we move towards our summer season. That won’t be the case this May, but our state’s stay-at-home order could be lifted this month, so at least we have that to potentially look forward to.

I hope that there will never again be a month like April 2020, which was a bad month for so many of this planet’s inhabitants. I’m looking forward to things getting better, and that’s what I will focus on as much as I can.

Have a beautiful day 🙂

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