The Eyes Have It

Peepers: the windows to the soul. The eyes are the main focus of many of the makeup looks I do, and I think also the favorite feature for a lot of people. So today, I want to tell you about my all time favorite eye makeup products. I’m going to keep this one short and […]

Secrets From a Pro Makeup Artist

A list of things that are automatic for me: Sending thank you cards for gifts Planning things so that they are the easiest and most efficient for everyone involved Blowing out my hair after I wash it Scanning YouTube every night for new clips or interviews with comics I love Tailoring my responses to each […]

Look Breakdown

Mindy Kaling is having a YEAR. I love her and think she looks fantastic, so I’m going to breakdown one of her recent gorgeous makeup looks. This one is from the Ocean’s 8 world premiere. Foundation: Medium coverage foundation with a glow. Armani Luminous Silk Foundation would work. I know from reading interviews with Mindy that she has […]

Look Breakdown

Chrissy Teigen has rocked some gorgeous makeup looks the past few years. I came across one from the 2016 Grammy Awards that I think is beautiful, classic and perfect to wear as a wedding guest, as it will work with any dress color. As it’s now wedding season pretty much everywhere, you might need this. […]

Work It, Girl: A 15 Minute Makeup How To For Bosses Like You

Here’s the cold, hard truth: part of your professional image is based on your appearance. I don’t like it either–sometimes even makeup artists want a break!–but studies say that people who look put together are typically taken more seriously and believed to be more competent, even before they say anything, than people who appear to […]