Secrets From a Pro Makeup Artist

A list of things that are automatic for me: Sending thank you cards for gifts Planning things so that they are the easiest and most efficient for everyone involved Blowing out my hair after I wash it Scanning YouTube every night for new clips or interviews with comics I love Tailoring my responses to each […]

How To Properly Cleanse Your Face

I know what you did last night. Nope, not the Netflix binge. Or the Bumble swiping. Not that nightcap either. I’m talking about the part when you thought about washing your face, but decided it wasn’t necessary. Busted! Ok, so maybe you didn’t do that last night. But you have done it. And that’s not […]

Wake Up and Makeup

Sometimes that alarm clock goes off and you just want to cry, right? A randomly sleepless night, a tossing-and-turning-from-the-flu slumber, a tiny nocturnal human screaming for you every hour, or the fun one, an unexpected late night out. All of those things will make you feel like crap before your feet even hit the floor […]

Beauty Tips for the Millennials

  I’m solidly in my mid-30s (and it’s a great age, FYI). I’m part of the Oregon Trail Generation–those born in the late 70s through the early 80s–so I feel I am experienced and wise enough to offer advice to Millennials. You know those “Letter to My 25 Year Old Self” posts that pop up […]