Look Breakdown


Foundation: Medium to full coverage, possibly airbrush. Concealer under eyes and where needed.
Powder: Matte powder minimally where needed. In some pictures, it looks like a gold shimmer powder was lightly dusted on forehead and cheeks.
Highlighter: Yes, shimmery highlighter on cheekbones and bridge of nose, matte highlighter (or lighter concealer) under eyes.
Contour/Bronzer: Light contour under cheekbones and at hairline.
Cheek Color: Light pinkish red with gold shimmer (or that is the gold shimmer powder I’m seeing).
Eyebrows: Lightly filled in with brow powder or matte eyeshadow.
Eye Makeup: Light gold shimmer on lids, lower lashline, and at inner corners. Dark matte brown shadow at top and bottom lashlines, very thin then thickens at outer corners of eyes. Dark brown liner on lower waterlines, brought all the way in to tearducts.
Mascara: Yes, top and bottom.
False Lashes: Yes, strip lashes on top.
Lipliner: Yes, same color as the lipstick.
Lipcolor: In some pictures, it looks like she is wearing a true red, but it looks brick red in others. Looks like a satin finish or a small amount of Vaseline-type product applied. Does not appear to be a gloss.