Long Lasting Lips: MAC Prep & Prime Lip Review

I grew up in a family of home renovators, house flippers and real estate agents. I spent a good chunk of my childhood watching my dad, uncles and their crew make various houses and apartments look like a million bucks (even if market value was considerably lower!). I used to love scraping off wallpaper–I’m a friggin’ mastermind with a putty knife and some wallpaper remover solvent–and I love the smell of paint. It’s no surprise that early on, I learned the importance of primer. In the home improvement world, primer preps an area for the best possible paint job. Replace “paint” with “makeup,” and you’re reading one of my makeup philosophies.

I love eye primer and would be lost without my beloved Too Faced Shadow Insurance. And for a wedding, event, or a client who has oily skin, I find face primer essential. Primers make products last longer, so if you have hours of makeup-wearing ahead, I really recommend using one.

Recently, Jessica, a makeup artist I work with, recommended MAC Prep & Prime Lip to me. She uses it for all of her wedding clients and said it was one of her favorite products. I normally just line and fill in the lips with lipliner, prior to applying lipstick, to make the lipcolor last longer (and I supply my bridal clients with touchup lipsticks) but this idea appealed to me.

However, I was a little hesitant. Although I had never used a lip primer, I had used long-lasting lip colors before and found them to be very drying (and the deep colored ones always seemed to turn bright pink after a few hours). But being a MAC fan–and having faith in Jessica!–I decided to buy the product.

Prep & Prime lip comes in a slim lipstick tube and the product is white. It’s got a faint sugary scent, which I like. When first applied, it feels like a lightweight lip balm. It initially has a lot of slide to it, and is not sticky or thick. It absorbs pretty quickly, and smooths over the lip area helping to fill in lines and creases. It feels slightly tacky (but not uncomfortable) after few minutes, but I think it needs this consistency to make the lip color adhere. If it was too slippery, the lip color probably wouldn’t stay on.

I tested the product on a few occasions, with a red lipstick, a bright pink and a neutral gloss. It really works! I know how long each of those lip colors normally stay on, because although I can not remember plot lines of movies, or what my license plate number is, I do know how many hours my lip products usually last before they need to be re-applied. The Prep & Prime Lip extended initial wear time by 2-3 hours with each lip color I wore.

There were no cracking or peeling after-affects with this lip primer. My lips felt a tiny bit dry at the end of the day, but I usually get that just from wearing a full coverage lipstick alone, so I don’t think it was the primer. Plus, I’m horrible at drinking water and really good at drinking champagne, so any dehydration is probably my fault.

Bottom line–if you need your lip color to last, this is a great product. And at only $15, it’s not a big ticket item. Available at MAC stores, counters, and MACcosmetics.com.

Have a beautiful day 🙂