Look Breakdown


From what I can tell, here is what we have going on:

Foundation: Full coverage foundation or airbrush
Powder: Yup, all over. If it was liquid foundation and not airbrush, it may have been set with a powder foundation.
Highlighter: Yes, through center of face, under eyes, above top lip, on bridge of nose, and on tops of cheekbones. Kim is big on highlighting and contouring
Contour: Absolutely, under cheekbones, at hairline, and possibly under jawline
Cheek Color: Light pink, on apple of cheeks onto cheekbones
Eyebrows: Filled in with brow powder
Eye Makeup: I can’t completely see it because of the angle, but it looks like a light, frosted color on the lids and inner corners. Black gel or liquid liner at top lashline from tearduct to edge of eye, traced over and slightly smoked out with a gray shadow. Light brown contour in the crease, bone colored shadow on browbone. Gray and brown shadow mixed and applied softly at bottom lashline. I can see a definite black gel or liquid liner at bottom lashline near tearduct, but it either stopped there or was very well blended in at roots of bottom lashes. Nude/off white eyeliner on lower waterline.
Mascara: No doubt
False Lashes: Strip lashes on top, looks like individuals on bottom
Lipliner: Yes, a nude, pink brown, blended in
Lipcolor: A pale whitish pink gloss. Could be Kim’s favorite, Turkish Delight by NARS