Look Breakdown


Foundation: Sheer coverage. Concealer under eyes and where needed.
Powder: Matte powder minimally where needed.
Highlighter: Yes, on browbone.
Contour/Bronzer: Bronzer at hairline and tops of cheekbones.
Cheek Color: Small amount of a rosy color, possibly with some shimmer. I would use a cream blush for this look.
Eyebrows: Filled in with brow powder. The ends were extended to elongate the brow. Front of brows slightly brushed upwards.
Eye Makeup: Copper shadow on lids, cocoa shadow in crease, color a few shades lighter than skin on browbone (see “Highlighter”). Lighter/goldish color in inner corners and at lower lashline. Thick black pencil liner at top lashline, smudged out and layered with black eyeshadow. Liner is extended out past corners of eyes, but not flicked upwards (although it’s hard to tell considering the angle of her head in this photo).  Thin black pencil liner at bottom lashline, smudged into the shadow. Black pencil liner on top and bottom waterline.
Mascara: Yes, top and bottom. Heavy on bottom lashes.
False Lashes: Yes, strip lashes on top, or at least on outer corners.
Lipliner: Most likely, same color as the lipstick. It is softened around the edges.
Lipcolor: A matte purplish pink lipstick. Looks like Candy Yum Yum from MAC.

Look Breakdown

Look Breakdown

From what I can tell, here is what we have going on:

Foundation: Sheer to medium coverage liquid foundation. MAC Face & Body would be perfect for this look.
Powder: Used minimally to set the makeup.
Highlighter: Yes, through center of face and above top lip.
Contour/Bronzer: Bronzer on forehead, cheekbones, very bottom of chin.
Cheek Color: Tawny cream blush, probably applied after foundation but before powder.
Eyebrows: Very lightly filled in from arch to outer corner.
Eye Makeup: All shimmer eyeshadows. Golden-y bronze on lid, shimmery bronze brown on crease, light champagne on browbone. Light gold on inner corners. Same golden-y bronze applied at lower lashline, somewhat thick. Dark brown eyeshadow maybe mixed with a brown pencil liner at top lashline, drawn all the way to tearduct. Thin line of brown eyeshadow drawn at lower lashline. Brown eyeliner pencil–like MAC Teddy–on lower waterline.
Mascara: Yes, top and bottom.
False Lashes: Individual lashes at outer corners on top.
Lipliner: No
Lipcolor: Light matte pink peach, patted on like a stain

My Go-To Summer Look

Like everyone else on the planet, I’ve got no time. So as much as I’d like to spend an hour on my makeup every day, I can’t. But I like to at least look polished when I leave the house. I’ve been doing this summer makeup look a lot lately, because it’s quick, easy and looks like I put more time in than I did. Here’s the makeup recipe:

1. Apply any SPF moisturizer to face and neck using a foundation brush.
2. Apply Too Faced Shadow Insurance or preferred eye primer to entire eye area, using your finger to apply and blend.
3. Using the same foundation brush, apply Make Up For Ever HD foundation or liquid foundation of your choice to entire face, blending down onto neck.
4. Under the eyes, apply a dab of moisturizer or liquid eye brightener, like the Smashbox Photo Op Under Eye Brightener and very lightly blend it in. (Optional)
5. Then apply MAC Select Coverup, or the concealer you prefer and blend with a fluffy eyeshadow brush.
6. Apply several coats of Diorshow to top lashes.
7. Buff Make Up For Ever HD powder or loose powder of your choice all over the face, using a Kabuki brush.
8. Apply a matter bronzer, like Hoola bronzer by Benefit, to cheekbones, center of forehead, bridge of nose and chin, using a blush or powder brush.
9. Apply Make Up For Ever Smoky Lash to top and bottom lashes.
10. Apply a coral blush, like Benefit Coralista, to apples of cheeks.
11. Apply a sheer lipgloss in any color to your lips.
12. If desired, apply a shimmery bronzer, like Guerlain’s Terracotta bronzer, to cheekbones.

Done! The look is a slightly bronzed face, with lots of lashes. Not doing eyeshadow and eyeliner saves tons of time, so this is a quickly and easy look.

Have a beautiful day 🙂

In a SoFlo Mood

MAC Vegas Volt
Fool yourself into the summer mindset with some beauty product trickery.

Two lifetimes ago, or so it seems, I lived in south Florida (aka SoFlo). I moved there after graduating from college because having spent the first 22 years of my life in New England, I really needed to thaw out.

As you can imagine, I spent many hours at the beach and by the pool in my sometimes gated (the gates kept get destroyed after each hurricane we had) community.  At one point, I was laid off and jobless for three months, so I became self employed as a professional sunbather.  I was broke but damn, was I tan.

When I moved back “up North” I was darker than my Sicilian father (which I was very proud of at the time).  The following year, I began to notice faint lines on chest and new freckles on my hands and stomach. Soon after, I went to Esthetics school and learned exactly how damaging the sun can be to the skin. Last year, I had some pre-cancerous moles removed. Consequently, I have given up sunbathing. It’s the smart choice.

I still love how I look with a tan, but I now have to resort to other methods to get that glow that I find almost addictive. I had a spray tan that I loved last summer, but my esthetician left that salon and the new place she is at does not offer that service.  (Hopefully that will change soon!)

I’m not going to complain about the New England winter, because I choose to live here, but I will admit that I don’t care for the season. So I like to do summer makeup looks in the dead of winter, just to “warm things up.”  Last week I went for a safe tan with the Xen-Tan tanning lotion (review to follow) and MAC’s lipstick in Vegas Volt (pure coral).  It’s amazing what that can do for your mood!  I know it is February and some self tanner and coral lipstick won’t change that cruel fact, but my summer makeup look definitely brightened my day.

If you like playing around with makeup, give it a try and let me know what you come up with.  January is over, and we are closer to summer each day.  That’s my mantra.

Have a beautiful day 🙂

The Summer Makeup Look I’m Loving Right Now

It’s the best season, and you know it.

I love summer and I love makeup so naturally, I love summer makeup. I’ve found myself doing slight variations of this same look lately and I think it’s a look that works on most people. So of course I’m going to share it with you!


* Perfekt Skin Perfection Gel blended down onto neck and chest (use whichever tinted moisturizer you prefer)

* MAC Pro Longwear Concealer for undereye circles, around the nose and blemishes

* Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in 00 Translucent all over, but concentrated mostly on the T-zone

* Benefit Hoola (a matte bronzer) on and under cheekbones, at hairline, and a tiny bit on the chin

* Sonia Kashuk Beautifying Blush in Flamingo (a perfect bright-but-not-too-bright true pink cream blush that gives some color to the face)


* Too Faced Shadow Insurance (eye primer)

* Any goldish brown eyeshadow, pressed onto lid and blended slightly into crease

* Dior Diorshow mascara or Makeup Forever Smokey Eyes mascara (new, just got it yesterday–review to follow)

* At night, I add a black shadow or smudged pencil liner (I like Urban Decay’s 24/7 liner in Zero for this) to upper lashline. I also add some of the brown shadow on the lower lashline, and MAC Smoulder kohl eye pencil in the waterline


* A semi-shimmery beige or light pink lip gloss. I’ve been using some cheapie NYC ones, but I find the pink too frosty, so I cut it with Vaseline or clear gloss.

Something Special

* I have some small, silver stars from Michael’s that I apply using lash glue. I put a few at the corner of one eye or at the top of the cheekbone.

Nothing about this look has to be too precise. It’s just an easy summer look that can be adjusted for day or night. It shouldn’t take more than 10-15 minutes, which leaves plenty of time to enjoy other awesome summer things, like soft serve and Mudslides.

Have a beautiful day 🙂