Photo: Trevor Holden Photography

I’m a makeup artist, licensed esthetician and owner of Allison Barbera Beauty. We’ve been doing hair and makeup services for weddings, films, corporate shoots, commercials, photoshoots, events and lessons since 2008.

I’ve been a makeup junkie from a young age, and my career as a makeup artist has allowed me to learn and develop a lot of tricks and techniques. I don’t think I should keep it all secret, so that’s where this blog comes in. If you have any beauty questions, please feel free to leave a comment on any post.

Can’t get enough? Check out the Allison Barbera Beauty website.  I post pictures, tips and tutorials on our Facebook pages, and Allison Barbera Beauty Weddings and Allison Barbera Beauty. For hair and makeup inspo, peep my Pinterest.

Tweet at me at Allie_MUA, or follow me on Instagram at allisonbarberabeauty.

I want to add the disclaimer that although I’ve had this blog since 2010 and many of my posts are product reviews or include product recommendations, I’ve recently joined some affiliate programs. That means that some (but not all) of the links you might click on in my posts mean I end up with a small commission if you buy the product off that link.

I don’t recommend products unless I truly like them–and you’ll see that I’ve been recommending some of them since 2010, eight years before I was part of any affiliate programs–so this blog was not created as income generator. It was created so that I could pass on things I’ve learned as a makeup artist, and recommend the products I use on myself and clients. Buying a product off a link in one of my posts won’t look any different on your end or affect anything as far as privacy issues, but if you’re not cool with it, you can always look up the product on your own instead of buying it off my link. I won’t even know!

Thanks for stopping by A Pretty Addiction! Have a beautiful day 🙂

Main Photo on Blog Header: Katie Slater Photography www.katieslaterphotography.com


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