I’m a makeup artist, licensed esthetician and owner of Allison Barbera Beauty. We offer hair and makeup services for weddings, films, corporate shoots, commercials, photoshoots, events and lessons.

I’ve been a makeup junkie from a young age, and my career as a makeup artist has allowed me to learn and develop a lot of tricks and techniques. I don’t think I should keep it all secret, so that’s where this blog comes in. If you have any beauty questions, please feel free to leave a comment on any post.

Can’t get enough? Check out my website, www.allisonbarbera.com. I post pictures, tips and tutorials on our Facebook pages, https://www.facebook.com/AllisonBarberaBeautyWeddings?ref=hl and https://www.facebook.com/allisonbarberabeauty?ref=hl. For hair and makeup inspo, peep my Pinterest, www.pinterest.com/alliebmakeup. Tweet at me at Allie_MUA, or follow me on Instagram at allisonbarberabeauty.

Thanks for stopping by A Pretty Addiction! Have a beautiful day 🙂


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