My Mascara Ad Rant

Women of the world, please ignore all mascara ads that you see in magazines. Your lashes are not genetically inferior, or too straight and there is most likely nothing majorly wrong with the way you apply mascara. Those magazine ad lashes are fugazi, as Donnie Brasco would say. They are fake.

I have not seen a mascara ad in recent years where the model was not at least wearing a few flare lashes. (Although most of the time, they are wearing strip lashes.) Mascara does not make your lashes that thick, or long, or that even (no one has perfectly even lashes on both eyes). Now, I love false lashes and I use them on myself and many of my clients. But I would never lie about that. It just seems so wrong!

These mascara ads are such blatant false advertising that I almost can’t believe they’re allowed to be published. When I have my makeup line some day, I promise my mascara models will only have the real thing. Until then, I suggest buying your mascaras based on consumer reviews, not magazine ad “results.” Unless you want to start a crusade against blatant false advertising in the beauty industry. In which case, I’m in…

Rant over.

Have a beautiful day 🙂