Pixiwoo ♥

I did a post about the Pixiwoos about a year and a half ago, but they’re so great that they deserve another.

The Pixiwoos channel on YouTube has hundreds of makeup (and sometimes hair) tutorials on every look you can think of. From celebrity to trend to creative, pro makeup artist sisters Sam and Nic cover it all. I’d like to think I’m a decent writer, but I still can’t explain in words how much I love and appreciate these tutorials. I graduated from Esthetics school, but I think I should be refunded at least 50% of my tuition so that I can write a check to the Pixiwoos. I learned a little bit about makeup in school, but the “instructors” I’ve learned the most from are Sam and Nic.

Whether I want to ensure that I accurately re-create makeup looks from beauty icons of the past (my obsession), or try some different techniques for bridal makeup applications (so I don’t get stuck in a rut), I turn to the Pixiwoos channel. When makeup artists who are starting out ask me for advice, I say my piece then direct them to Sam and Nic. I meet dozens of people each month who tell me that they want to learn to do their own makeup, but don’t know where to start. I offer makeup lessons–one of my favorite parts of my job!–but recommend watching Pixiwoo tutorials as well.

I subscribe to the channel and have seen every video at least once. For me, the Pixiwoos channel is a continuing education resource (for free!), a break from paperwork (that comes with the business side of being an entrepreneur makeup artist), and my entertainment (I don’t have a tv, so I watch makeup tutorials and read for fun). Besides showing me how to do different techniques and sparking new ideas, I love watching Sam and Nic because they seem like people I’d be friends with. Their personalities really come through on the Pixiwoo channel (as well as their Pixiwoo Madness channel, which includes 10 minute makeup looks, their shopping finds and some personal updates), and I think they’re easy to relate to and learn from.

Sam and Nic also do makeup tutorials for the The Daily Mirror (U.K.), and Sam does tutorials for Real Techniques, the makeup brush line she co-created. And while looking for a beehive hair tutorial recently, I stumbled across some videos they did for Channel 4.

I think that even as a professional makeup artist, there are always things I can learn from other pros. Even if you don’t do makeup for a living, watching others can help you with your own makeup routine. If you have any interest in makeup, either professionally or personally, I really really really recommend checking out Sam and Nic’s tutorials. But watch out, you might get hooked and spend hours watching…

Have a beautiful day 🙂

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