Product Review: GLAMGLOW THIRSTYMUD Hydrating Treatment

Glamglow Thirstymud Hydrating Treatment
The packaging is nice though.

The Mask: GLAMGLOW THIRSTYMUD Hydrating Treatment

The Claims: Hydrates, calms, replenishes and restores the skin.

The Color: Caramel in the packaging, clear when applied to the skin.

The Scent: Heavily fragranced, so beware if you have sensitive skin. The scent is a little bit coconut, a little bit butterscotch-y and a little bit plastic-y.

Usage: I used a sample of this (got probably six uses out of it), and the directions said to apply a thin layer and either “leave it on for 10-20 minutes then tissue or rinse off” or “leave it on overnight.” So two opposite sets of instructions? Interesting.

The Results: My skin did feel very soft after rinsing it off. I never left it on overnight because after 20 minutes, it started to feel a weird combination of both slightly burning and slightly cooling on my skin. I noticed a little glow, but nothing too impressive. I didn’t get any irritation or breakouts from this mask, but I did do a patch test 24 hours before testing it on my whole face.

I liked this mask enough to use the entire sample (I’ve thrown samples away before after one use), and my skin did feel hydrated after. But I suspect it’s more of a souped up moisturizer than a mask. I’m distrustful of a mask that you don’t rinse off after a specified time.

I don’t think it’s the worst mask out there, but I wouldn’t shell out $69 for this product. If anyone has a good hydrating mask suggestion they can share with the class, please feel free to comment.

Have a beautiful day 🙂

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